James Woodward

Thank you for visiting my virtual study, a place where you can find out what I am up to and read some of my reflections on a range of questions and issues.

I am committed to learning and change and growth through engagement with people and the questions that shape human wellbeing. I am a teacher and writer of pastoral and practical theology.

My concerns have been very much shaped by the diversity of contexts within which I have worked. These include pastoral work with people at various stages of their living and dying; health and social care in acute and primary care settings; organisational development; theological education and inter-professional collaboration on ethics.

This experience has shaped my interests which include Pastoral and Practical Theology, Reflective Ministry, Pastoral Care and Counselling, Autobiography and Biography, Health and Social Care, Care of Older People, Spirituality and Ageing and Death and Dying.

You can see more of these interests in each of the sections of this website.

You can  find out how to contact me via the contact page.

James Woodward