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Reflective Ministry

James Woodward has had over 20 experience in pastoral ministry in a number of settings.  He is keen to want to use experience in a creative and constructive way.  He is committed to life-long learning in ministry and the development of a reflective ministry that holds together the creative tensions between theory and practice.

Articles by James Woodward

Books reviewed by James Woodward

The Nature of Sector Ministry and Chaplaincy

James has a particular interest in the nature of sector ministry and especially healthcare chaplaincy. His PhD thesis examined the changing role of the acute healthcare chaplain with particular reference to the nature of professionalism and what it might mean for the Christian minister to be a professional.

Pastoral and Practical Theology

James Woodward's main interest in the area of theology is the nature of pastoral theology: how the Christian tradition shapes our values and practices.He is interested in how people use theology in the contemporary world especially in the field of ethics. He is also passionate about the importance of theological reflection on all aspects of our experience.

Books reviewed by James Woodward