Books reviewed by James Woodward

Psalms throughout the Year:
Spiritual Exercises for Every Day

Marshall D. Johnson, (Augsberg Books), 2007,
392pp, pbk, ISBN 0-8066-5332-9

We all need help reading the Bible.  It is part of our Christian discipline to open our hearts and minds to its message.  The Psalms are a particular resource – a treasure chest of comfort and strength.  They embrace a whole range of powerful emotions and experiences.

In this excellent volume the former editorial director of Fortress Press offers us his best interpretative skills combined with organising a sequence of the Psalms for each day of the calendar year. So, on each page, we have a short reference to a Psalm, followed by some interpretative reflection about the scripture verses.  Johnson then, skilfully, makes connections between the text and human life, providing comfort and challenge in equal measure.  The realities are all rooted in and addressed back to God and the book succeeds in broadening the reader’s vision and imagination.

James Woodward