Books reviewed by James Woodward

Good Practice in the Law and Safeguarding Adults

Good Practice in the Law and Safeguarding Adults by Jacki PritchardJacki Pritchard, Ed.
Jessica Kingsley Publishers , 2008, ISBN 9781843109372, £19.99

We live in a complex work of ever-changing regulation necessary for all of us involved in the care, support and oversight of working with vulnerable adults. 

Good Practice in the Law and Safeguarding Adults is an excellent distillation of the legislative framework within which adult protection operates in England, Wales and Scotland.

The book is a model of clarity and good organisation.  It explains the legislation that can be used in adult protection, covering criminal and civil law, and crucial national guidance such as achieving best evidence.  Issues covered include confidentiality and information sharing, capacity issues, policy investigations, financial abuse, advocacy, witness support and honour-based violence.  What is most helpful in the book for this reviewer is the illustration of how these matters work out in practice through the use of case studies, good summaries and reflection.

This book deserves to become a standard resource to support the theory and practice of safeguarding adults.

James Woodward