Books reviewed by James Woodward

Seasonal meaning

Doing December Differently: An alternative Christmas handbookDoing December Differently: An alternative Christmas handbook,
Nicola Slee & Rosie Miles (Eds), (Wild Goose publications) 2006, 228pp, pbk, no price marked

Nicola Slee and Rosie Mills are poets who speak from the body of their experience with imagination and honesty.  Their voices and witness need to be heard by those wishing to think and reflect on the shape of faith and its practices.  For men there is something illuminating and humanizing about the way women ‘do’ theology.

Most of us realise that Christmas can be a very difficult time for many.  While numbers attending Church services may have increased, the meaning of Christmas is easily lost.  This resource book explores how we might reconsider ways that have meaning, simplicity and integrity.  The book challenges us to acknowledge the shape of our relationships, our connections and disconnections so that we can grow and change.

This is a lovely book, full of wisdom, risk, honesty, truth, practical support: a framework within which it is possible to do December Differently!  I shall be using parts of it for the parish Advent reflection groups.  I challenge anyone not to be enriched and moved by the voices so carefully gathered together by the editors.

James Woodward