Books reviewed by James Woodward

Connecting to Life

Pastoral Care from the Pulpit: Meditations of Hope and Encouragement
J. LeBron McBride, (Haworth Press) 2007, xviii+106pp, pbk, $14.95

Can there be any future for the sermon as a means of teaching and care?  What do congregations expect from a sermon?  Is it possible to connect the heart, head and soul issues to everyday life?  Can the sermon inspire, motivate and inform?

This short book touches these questions by offering a number of insightful sermons that have grown out of the author’s own experience.  The aim of each piece is to take the Bible, explore and expand it and then offer a series of questions that invite the reader into a deeper conversation between faith and life.

Pastors and preachers have much to learn from the process that opens up the shape of Christian living.  Perhaps one dimension of mission and evangelisation lies in the recovery and preaching as an effective tool for education and care. This book is a stimulating and challenging guide.

James Woodward