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Spirituality and Ageing

In recent years James Woodward has innovated significant developments in the thinking and practice in the area of old Age, ageing and spirituality.

He has lectured widely on old age encouraging participants to think more creatively about the nature of ageing. His book Valuing Age is published by SPCK in the series The New Library of Pastoral Care.

James Woodward has contributed to a Church of England set of guidelines for anyone with pastoral responsibility as part of the Church's commitment to victims of domestic abuse and to addressing the circumstances that lead to such abuse.  This report was produced in response to a motion passed by General Synod in July 2004.

In particular, James Woodward has been keen to want to include older people who are increasingly becoming victims of abuse and has written an appendix outlining the nature of elder abuse and how best to respond.

Articles by James Woodward

  • An age-old question If we fail to understand ageing as part of the wholeness of life, we fail to understand ourselves. (Reform, magazine of the United Reformed Church November 2008, p13).
  • Wake up to your age The Church and society need to face their denial about old age. They are wasting too much talent (Church Times, 13 July 2007)
  • The Church’s forgotten power-house: old people Churches are failing to tap into the potential of older members of the congregation (Church Times, 7 April 2006, pdf, 212 kb)
  • Responding to domestic abuse Guidelines for those with pastoral responsibilities (pdf, 458 kb)

Books reviewed by James Woodward