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A1. From Consett to Oxford: A Reflection on Work Oxford Diocesan Magazine April 1988, pgs 10 - 12


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A5. The church's role in preventing the transmission of HIV and its response to people living with HIV and AIDS. (Oxford Regional Health Authority).Oxford Regional Health Authority 1992


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A14. We can't keep taking the medicine. Church Times, May31, 1996, pg 8


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A19. End Piece, The Journal of Health Care Chaplains June 1998, pg 50 - 52

A20. The Bible and Health, The Bible Reading Fellowship, Guidelines to the Bible Sept-Dec 1998, pg24 - 34


A21. Cross Piece - article Old Age, Sutton Coldfield News 1st Oct 1999, pg 6

A22. The Relevance of Michael Wilson's Chaplaincy research for Healthcare Chaplaincy today, Contact 2000/13 , pg16 – 22

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A25. With Respect to Age: Taking the risk of learning from Older People. The Extra Mile. No. 15 Summer 200,1 pg 12 - 14


A26. Valuing Age? CHERP

A27. Jesus and Modern Pastoral Theology: Jesus in History, Culture and Thought: An Encyclopaedia, Ed Leslie Houlden, ABC CLIO 2004


A28. Death and Dying and Healing and Health;. A New Dictionary of Christian Spirituality. Ed Philip Sheldrake, (SCM Press), 2005

A29. The Not-so-Good life? Living and Learning alongside older people; Crucible July September 2005, pg 35 -40

A30 Elder Abuse in responding to domestic abuse: guidelines for those with pastoral responsibility, Archbishops Council 2006, pg 40-42,

A31 The Church’s forgotten power house: old people Church Times, 7 April 2006, pg.10

A32 Inter-Generational Communities (England) International Anglican Family Network, Advent 2006, pg 228/9

A33 Richard: The Person and the Bishop, Michael Brierly (Ed), Public Life and the Place of the Church: reflections to Honour the Bishop of Oxford, Ashgate 2006, pp3 – 22


A34: Wake up to your age The Church and society need to face their denial about old age. They are wasting too much talent (Church Times, 13 July 2007)


A35: The patient care crisis There is a crisis deep within our culture. It is a crisis of care - the way we treat people and how we engage and listen to our service users (Health Service Journal, 9 January 2008)

A36: Successful Ageing Do you ever wonder what shape old age might take for you? How would you define successful ageing? What steps might you like to take in order to enable age and the ageing process to be as fruitful and creative as is possible or desirable? (The Crucible, April - June 2008, p32).

A37: Don't lose your pastoral heart Clerics urgently need to recover their interest in people (Church Times 1 February 2008, p13).

A38: Love without pain is a lie We spend our lives dying. Understand this and we understand much (Church Times 20 March 2008, p16).

A39: It’s not all bed news in America James Woodward reflects on his sabbatical in America (The Church of England Newspaper 5 September 2008, p2).

A40: An age-old question If we fail to understand ageing as part of the wholeness of life, we fail to understand ourselves. (Reform, magazine of the United Reformed Church November 2008, p13).

A41: We can recall those who forget There are ways to unlock some of the isolation of dementia (Church Times 21 November 2008, p12).


A42: Sit down and write a letter (Church Times 19 June 2009)

A43: Disappointed? Who Me? Yes You! (Church Times 18 September 2009)

A44: On forgiving your parents (Church Times 27 November 2009)


A45: The hold Anger has over us (Church Times 19 February 2010)

A46: Be more surprised by joy (Church Times 1 April 2010)

A47: Older People have their part to play, too (Church Times 7 May 2010)

A48: Patience is a most useful virtue (Church Times 28 May 2010)